Where is my Phone?


Has this happen to you, or is it just me?

You are getting ready to leave the house, you have your purse or work bag, coat, keys and then you say “Where is my Phone?” Or at least, this was my life towards the end of my pregnancy and about six months after she was born. I would ask myself this question at least once a day.

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In previous blog post I shared that my leap from chaos to calm began when I felt my world was all over the place. I needed a rescue and fast. The phone situation took a while to master, but I am NOT a quitter.

Today, I am going to share how I won the phone battle:
If you haven’t noticed by now I love, love, love doing things using acronyms. From grade school until now, it is my signature way to remember anything.

So here we go!
P- put away immediately
H- have a dock station close to the entry way
O- outlets save the day
N- need to charge
E- everyday affair

When you first get home, put the phone away and give yourself time to unplug. You need that! We are so busy from the time we rise in the morning, until we lay our heads down again for bedtime. Give yourself permission to be present and in the moment. Whatever happened in the day is done, and tomorrow will be a fresh start.

Have a dock station that can hold your phone, keys, pens, or any other trinkets that help to ease your mornings. Position the station as close to your entry way as possible. This helps prevent the phone from getting lost between, checking mail, dinner, answering phone calls and so on. Find an outlet close by or get an extension cord, so that your phone can charge when you first get home or when needed.

Lastly, make it an everyday affair. If you have a system that works, great! If you are tired of rushing or looking for something in the morning, renew your style. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, know what makes you happy and do just that.

The first picture below is what I use now. On my to-do key ring holder I have a label that says, Phone?? Since my mail, keys and purse/workbag stations are the first things I see, having that label as a prompter keeps mornings simple. The next one I found on Pinterest posted by one of my top five magazines, Better Homes and Garden. They used an old bread maker, added wood to the bottom and cut slits to fit the cords through to charge the phones.

How do you keep up with your phone?

Until next tyme,
Be Organized. Be Happy. Be Awesome.


Key Ring Holder


Phone Storage Station

Phone Storage Station

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