The ABC’s of Getting Organized

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Summer has ended and fall is in. From the comfy clothes, to the beautiful trees, and preparation for the holidays, this is my second favorite season. (Summer will always have first place)

Anywho, this week I wanted to do something different and give you a quick reference guide to getting organized 365 and not just the day before friends or family come to visit. Because, I know that is so not you :-)

In 2012, I created this list when I really began to understand the concepts of being organized and how it impacts all areas of your life.

I hope you find this A to Z guide helpful, as it was my breakthrough for creating a space of inspiration, beauty and fun.

A-Appreciate your Space
B– Believe you can have a home that reflects the life you love
C-Containers are your friends
D-Don’t relocate, donate (the cure to clutter)
E– Expect you will reach your desired goals
F– Finance all projects responsibly
G– Get Started. Get Started. Get Started.
H– Healthy Habits = Healthy Lifestyle
I -Inventory is a necessity
J– Just one project a day will do
K-Keep your priorities in perspective
L– Let it Go
M– Mindset is everything
N– Never. Never. Never. Buy on impulse.
O– Order + Balance = Harmony
P– Positivity is an Accessory. Wear it well!
Q-Quiet tyme is mandatory, not optional
R– Relax, and have fun with the process
S– Search for the root of why you consume things, not a reason to buy more
T– Tackle projects in chunks (1 Day. 1 Project. 1 Hour.)
U– Under the bed is NOT storage. I repeat, under the bed is NOT storage.
V– Value tyme with your family and friends…often
W– What purpose does this ______________ serve in my divine space?  It must serve a purpose or else…toss!
X– Examine things that take up space in your home and your life
Y– Why am I purchasing this? Have a why, before you buy.
Z– Zest in your beautiful place of peace, love, and harmony.

Print this list and post it at your desk or home to be a part of your organizing journey!

Have you heard?
Tyme2Organize is now on YouTUBE under Abike Anoka. First Video is Nail Polish Organization and the next one is coming next week.  I would love to hear from you. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Until next tyme,
Be Happy.  Be Organized.  Be Awesome.

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