Hi, I’m an Email


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Hi, I’m an Email

Before you open, then close me, I promise this will only take a few minutes.

I’m a bit concerned about our relationship. There used to be a time when we would start the mornings with coffee and our favorite blogs. Then, just before arriving to work we would review the to-do list, follow-up on action items before meetings, arrange play dates or confirm travel plans. Now, I rarely see you.

Where is the love?

Not to mention, it is getting a little crowded in here.  Maybe the January crew can find a new home?

Now I know, my friends and I have a way of showing up by the numbers, especially after you have worked so hard to get your inbox down to a reasonable number.  Listen, I will talk to them if you promise I get to see you more often?

Well. I think I have found a solution, to see you more and cure the inbox overload.

During your lunch hour, I came across a professional organizer. I believe her name was… oh yes, Abike Anoka.  I told her about our “issue” and she left a few tips to get us back to happy!

Here is what she had to share:

You control your inbox, not the other way around. Instead of responding to emails as they come in, pick a specific time either once an hour, before lunch or just before the work day ends to read, respond, delegate or delete.

Take five minutes to create folders for emails that come daily. For example, Money, DIY Projects, Travel, etc. Once they come to your inbox, transfer them immediately. If you know it is trash or spam, delete right away. Try this approach to stay ahead of the email game:

E–  Easy response

M– Move to categorized folder

A – Action required

I–   Interested, but not sure

L–  Last in, first out

S–  Select to unsubscribe

For emails that require a quick response, take a second or two to rsvp to the birthday party or gradation dinner. If you know the location and time, delete that email. If you need to keep it until the event, do so. Once the event is over, delete that email. For all those blog sites that you subscribe to weekly, move them to their categorized folder to read in your spare time weekly. Once you have read it, send it to the trash bin. You can always visit the original website, if you want to read it again.

For those action emails, decided if you have enough information to respond. If you do, reply and save until the overall task is complete. This typically applies to work emails, itinerary for travel, or any important emails you may need to refer back to.

When you get an email offering promotions, deals or attending an event, give it 48 hours. Usually, by the end of the email you know if you are really interested or not. Go with your first mind, then respond or delete.

Lastly, address them as they come in or unsubscribe all together. If possible, check your inbox daily especially if you have multiple accounts. Be diligent and reserve tyme to read, respond, and delete. Having a regular schedule to check your emails, lightens the worry about email overload.

Set a magic number for your inbox. Once it gets close or passes that number, emails MUST GO!

If you are tired of the same emails coming to your inbox, check out the websites below to have them permanently removed or consolidated into one email:



Until next tyme,

Be Happy. Be Awesome. Be Organized.


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