Do you have Plans Tonight?

Hi there!

How do you manage your to-do list on the daily?

This was my number one question as I perused through many websites, read books and discovered concepts on how to do less, achieve more. The notion of “Supermom and get it all done” was taking its toll and I needed answers fast!

The truth is, it is NOT possible. I was tackling my list the wrong way. I finally came to the realization that help is always available to us, we just have to be willing to receive it. I learned this lesson year two of being married. No one is a mind reader. If you need more support, ask for it. When a system is not working, change it until it does.

Everyone in the home must play a role in keeping their space nice and tidy. From the toddler to the adult, everyone needs to know they are responsible for the care of their home environment.

Perfection is the enemy of good enough. -Voltaire

I came across this quote and it changed my life. I went from “I’ll do it, to ok, looks good, next.” I realized that everything does not have to be done my way, in order to get done. Once you ask for help, take it and move on. Whether you are a family of five or it is you and the dog. Start now and decide what being organized looks like for you.

Being organized is an inside job. How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? What do you want your space to do for you? Is this an investment or am I buying this on impulse? As you begin to answer these questions, you will begin to create a space to reflect just that. Remember First Name, it always about you, not the stuff.

By making simple changes, I became less consumed with the laundry list of things to-do and strategically worked on getting the most out of my day.

The action PLANS. My ultimate five step approach to maximize my tyme and get it done.

Preview my task list for the next day (categorize by order of importance)

Lay clothes out for tomorrow

Ask for help and receive it!

Neatly put things away (15 Minutes only)

Soak in bathtub when done

Doing this daily helps to alleviate stress and prioritize. This strategy has really helped to bring balance and clarity back into my life. I have more time to do things I enjoy like painting my nails, brunch with girlfriends, getting lost in a good book, or making labels for projects around the house (I know, labels make my happy.)

What could be done today, to become your one less thing tomorrow?

Until next tyme,


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