Holiday Guest Basket

How to Pick Your Battles and Feel Good About It

This Christmas was the best day ever. I spent the day with my most prized possessions, family. We opened gifts, ate, slept, and ate all over again. It was perfect. Every year we alternate between homes, and this year my husband and I were the hosting family. I love hosting and entertaining of parties (20 or less) lol. For Christmas, I decided to do brunch style and have it all. You name, we had it. It was wonderful. Everyone took over a station and made it their own, no rules, just make it good. Since Christmas was on a Thursday, guest started trickling in on Sunday. I may have slight Order-Calm Destination (OCD) tendencies and they started to kick in day two of my guest visiting. As I began to put things away and keep things in order, I asked myself the following questions:

Is this an issue?

Will this matter thirty minutes from now?

Why do I feel the need to do this now?

As I answered each question, it became clear to be in the moment and just let things be. It is Christmas! Once this day is over, it won’t be back. From that moment forward I was able to relax, watch a movie, cuddle with my little one and catch up some much needed rest and relaxation. I could have easily staring putting things away every time it was out of place, but overtime that will make my guest uncomfortable. I never want my family or guest to feel like they can’t relax and unwind while at my home.
So instead of going to into auto pilot, I used that energy to create a basket that contained all things visitor would need or forget. The basket included the following items:

Dental floss
Shower caps
Body wash

Most of all, guest were pleased with the basket and another holiday was a success. Check out the basket below and let me know what you think!

From my family to yours Happy New Year!

Holiday Guest Basket

Holiday Guest Basket