Home Decor : From Idea to Done in Five Steps

Home Decor Ideas.

You realize you are ready for a change. A splash of color, or a bold accent to bring life into a room. You finally DECIDE you want to revamp one or multiple rooms in the house. You have picked a color, found the perfect pillows, now all you need to do is get started. Right?

Along the way, you realize you need a few baskets, other than that you are all set. You have everything needed for your perfect oasis, and promise to get started once you get home from work. However, a few weeks later you realize that “idea” is just that.

You can do it, I believe in you! See the five tips below to get the ball rolling:

Write it down.

  • List all the inspirations of the space being created
  • What type of feel are you going for?
  • What type of activities will be happening in this space?
  • Will it be for you only or will family bypass this area?

All of these are key questions in your research process. Now that you have listed the details of the room and the vision is clear, you can move on to step two: inventory.

Take Inventory

I agree it can be tempting to buy those cute baskets or containers when renewing a space. But, before you go container crazy try this:

  • Take measurements first- trust me on this one. There is nothing worse than finding what you want, only to discover it doesn’t fit
  • Have an immediate need for it before you buy it- either love it or leave it!
  • Compare prices- shop around before making a final purchase

Set a date

  • Set a start and finish date to share with your accountability partner. This person does not have to be perfect. They just need to be someone who will hold you responsible for your promises.
  • Challenge yourself or put your money where your mouth is.
  • Meaning, once you have the start and end dates, if you don’t meet a deadline you have to pay up.
  • This will help you get started and meet your deadline.

Get to work! 

Someday is NOT a day of the week. – Henry David Thoreau

  • Be realistic with your goals when setting a timeframe for yourself.
  • Post or frame the Vision to stay focused- there is nothing wrong with making a few changes along the way, but making a few major changes could delay the process all together.
  • Know your peak zones- this is the time that you have the most energy and can basically do anything because your energy levels are at its best.

 Celebrate your Success

Have a girl’s night in, host a family gathering or invite friends over to celebrate. Kudos to you for your tyme and efforts of sticking to the plan.

Until next tyme,

Be Happy. Be Organized. Be Awesome.












Why Your Routine Matters

Hey Friend!

Spring is in and this organizer is having some closet fun! From the kid’s room, basement and home office, people
are ready to make space for the life they love. I was recently helping a client organize her
home office and walk-in closet. After we sorted through and shredded old documents, we
moved on to her closet space.

About five minutes in she said, “I hate feeling so rushed in the mornings. I feel like I am
always rushing and never have time to even grab breakfast.”

My immediate response was Awesome! The look on her face said, what? I always tell clients
that part of the organizing journey is identifying the problem. Once you know what the problem
is, we can work together to establish systems to solve them.

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily.
The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.
–John C. Maxwell

I asked my client if she had a routine and to list three to five things she would like to do in the morning before starting her day. After she created her list, she noticed that three out of the five could easily be done the night before. By ironing her clothes, laying out accessories, and having lunches packed, that was an additional 10 minutes saved. Exercise was another important part of her day. She enjoys staring her day feeling energized, but the conflict with time was becoming a real issue. Lastly, makeup and breakfast. I explained that in order to command your mornings, you must first be aware of how long each activity takes. This helps to manage your expectations, taking your to-do list from an idea, to a habit, until it becomes a routine.

Your Routine matters because:

Regular schedule
Utilize time wisely
Trust yourself
Investment in your well-being
Nourish your mind
Energy to be effective

This list is my motivational reminder when I need to get it done. Remember, take action first, feel second. Once you get going, 9 times out of 10 you will want to finish. When you decide to give those things most important to you a tyme, date and place to get done, you cancel out someday and turn it into mission accomplished. Being proactive requires constant motion.

Which do you check first your to-do list or your calendar? Before you commit to anything you check your calendar first right?

The same rules apply to your workout schedule, date night, play date for the kids and so on. If you want to see results, put it on the calendar and show up!

Take a few moments to reflect on what is working and then write down what needs to be tweaked. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to your routine, but it MUST add value to your day.

Until next Tyme,
Be Happy. Be Organized. Be Awesome.













Where is my Phone?


Has this happen to you, or is it just me?

You are getting ready to leave the house, you have your purse or work bag, coat, keys and then you say “Where is my Phone?” Or at least, this was my life towards the end of my pregnancy and about six months after she was born. I would ask myself this question at least once a day.

If you are new to the blog site, Welcome! And if you have been tuning in weekly, Thank you!

In previous blog post I shared that my leap from chaos to calm began when I felt my world was all over the place. I needed a rescue and fast. The phone situation took a while to master, but I am NOT a quitter.

Today, I am going to share how I won the phone battle:
If you haven’t noticed by now I love, love, love doing things using acronyms. From grade school until now, it is my signature way to remember anything.

So here we go!
P- put away immediately
H- have a dock station close to the entry way
O- outlets save the day
N- need to charge
E- everyday affair

When you first get home, put the phone away and give yourself time to unplug. You need that! We are so busy from the time we rise in the morning, until we lay our heads down again for bedtime. Give yourself permission to be present and in the moment. Whatever happened in the day is done, and tomorrow will be a fresh start.

Have a dock station that can hold your phone, keys, pens, or any other trinkets that help to ease your mornings. Position the station as close to your entry way as possible. This helps prevent the phone from getting lost between, checking mail, dinner, answering phone calls and so on. Find an outlet close by or get an extension cord, so that your phone can charge when you first get home or when needed.

Lastly, make it an everyday affair. If you have a system that works, great! If you are tired of rushing or looking for something in the morning, renew your style. You do not have to reinvent the wheel, know what makes you happy and do just that.

The first picture below is what I use now. On my to-do key ring holder I have a label that says, Phone?? Since my mail, keys and purse/workbag stations are the first things I see, having that label as a prompter keeps mornings simple. The next one I found on Pinterest posted by one of my top five magazines, Better Homes and Garden. They used an old bread maker, added wood to the bottom and cut slits to fit the cords through to charge the phones.

How do you keep up with your phone?

Until next tyme,
Be Organized. Be Happy. Be Awesome.


Key Ring Holder


Phone Storage Station

Phone Storage Station

The Art of Purging

Spring is coming!

When was your last purge party?

When I first stumbled upon the “organizing world” I kept seeing experts say you must be willing to let things go. At the same time, I was torn between holding on to old jeans and finding new ones to fit my body post baby.

A year later, those same jeans were still in my closet taking up space. I started to ponder why I was having such a hard time parting with the jeans. I mean, they were just jeans right? I finally got the courage to move them from hanging, to the donation pile on the floor.

During my first purge party, (pandora is a must) my husband walked by and said “Oh, I remember these, from our first date!” For the next hour we talked and laughed about how we first met, getting married, the diva (our daughter) and how next month it will be five years of marital bliss!

Time flies when you are having fun! It was then I realized the jeans represented one of the happiest moments of my life, starting a journey with my best friend. By seeing the jeans, “I thought” I was staying in touch with that moment, then I came across this:

You have to first let go of what you don’t
want to make space for what you do want
-M. RKologie

What I did want and have now is a space for things I use on a regular basis. After coming to terms with it was NOT the jeans, but the memories, I was finally able to let them go. Once I was able to make the connection between my things and that time of my life, purging became a seamless process. I read several ways to purge, found helpful hints, but I needed something to stick.

After several attempts I created the concept The ART of Purging

Active pieces
These pile usually consist of work clothes, weekend wear, and those comfy clothes around the house.

Rotational wear
The section contains items wore throughout the year, but for seasonal or special occasions like that Christmas skirt or dress, or suits for an interview.

Tyme 2 Go- donate, sell and drive away
It was a fun, but this relationship has come to an end. One of the three has happened:
1. You forgot about
2. You don’t love it anymore
3. You “think” you may need it someday

Whenever you decided to take the purge plunge, only two rules apply: Purge first, Think later. If you give yourself tyme to think about it, you will find a way to keep it!

                                            The first day of spring is March 20, 2015.  Ready to get started?

If you need to get everyone on board, make it a family affair. Grab the timer, bring out the trash bags, sharpie’s to label what is going where, add some iTunes, celebrate with good food when done!

If not, give it two weeks. If after two weeks, you need more time, start exploring the connections with items that may be keeping you stuck.

                                              T2O tip: Clutter keeps you stuck, Clarity makes things clear.

P.S. In the spirit of spring, this week’s blog came out today. See you next Thursday!

Let the purge party begin!