1 Day. 1 Project. 1 Hour.

1 Day. 1 Project. 1 Hour.

Can I ask you a question?

The last home project you set intentions to complete, did you get it done?

Did you see the space organized in your head, but for some reason didn’t get around to it?

Is there pile of mail or stack of clothes still in the basket?

Just a few years ago, this was my story. I would say to myself, “Ok this weekend I am going to spend thirty minutes devoted to cleaning my daughter’s clothes and donate things she no longer needs or wears. Saturday would come, thirty minutes would come and go, but most of all the piles of baby onesies plus toys was still be there.

When you work all week, playing catch-up on the weekend between activities, grocery shopping, birthday parties and the list goes on and on, the tyme or desire to declutter becomes less of a priority.

When you finally do get a few free minutes of solitude, the urge to sleep-in or relax has a way of taking over.
I remember finally making it to the couch to read one of my favorite books The Art of Imperfections by Brene Brown, looking out into our living and saying to my husband “Is this our home or her daycare?”

I will spare the details of how many toys I actually counted “cough 50.” As of now, I am happy to share we are down by half! That day lead to serious of changes. I could not go another day with the clutter staring at me. I felt as if it was saying “Hi there, we’ll be here a while, when is dinner?”

Problem: Too Many toys
Solution: 1 Day. 1 Project. 1 Hour.
My first step was immediate action. I chose Saturdays because it was my own time, I wasn’t tired from the work day, and was up an hour earlier before the family. I picked an area that frustrated me the most, her toys. Then I found a magic number that worked. For me, that number was 45 minutes. This was enough time to start, stay focused without distractions and finish the project.

I started with her toys and closet, then moved to my closet. I immediately noticed a sense of relief as I entered any room of my home and knew right away where items belonged. That frustration turned addiction is now a weekly affair. This routine keeps clutter at a minimum and makes this momma happy!

Chunk it Down:
1 Day– Pick a day that you will commit to on a consistent basis. For example: Tuesdays- No school activities

1 Project– what space in your home bothers you right now? Stick with this area until you see the results you want.

1 Hour – My magic number is 45. I set the timer for an hour, with the last 15 minutes reserved to clean up and put things away.

T20 Tip: Follow your initial thoughts. If you feel it is time to let it go, do exactly that. Memories are forever, however, all clutter has an expiration date.

Whether we are purging or keeping areas nice and tidy, what I appreciate most is what is does for my mood. I am no longer irritated because I can’t find what I’m looking. The guest room is now a retreat room, instead of an overflow room.

So, if you are tired of the piles and ready to renew your space, pick a station and let the games begin!
I hope that you have been inspired in some way and tune in weekly, as I share my organizing journey from chaos to calm. As always, no matter where you are in the process believe you can get stared today, purge with no regrets and simplify with those items you cherish most.

Until next tyme,
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